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Beautiful garden is not only a collection of trees, grass, flowers, shrubs and patio furniture. It must have simple and eye-catching view transformed by the aesthetic taste of its owner. Garden plans are significant part of your landscape design and we want to show you some beautiful examples of free garden plans for diffrent lot sizes and climate zones. You can check our collection of free garden plans starting with this beautiful 40' x 40' small free garden landscape design plan.

Balance and harmony in the backyard

Click on any topic to find out more about garden design and landscape planning, outdoor activities for all ages and special information for plants, flowers, trees, grass and shrubs below:

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Browse our free garden plans and get inspired by our landscape design ideas

popular outdoor activities for kids and families

Find great outdoor activities and make a lot of fun in the garden

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Useful information about garden plants, trees, flowers, grass and shrubs

This is the perfect website for everybody interested in gardening and outdoor activities. You will find all the information you need to build attractive outdoor facilities, decorative and gardening projects.

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To see what others want to show please visit our free gardening place. "Every season has its own beauty" and we want to improve our archives with useful articles on gardening, outdoor activities and useful advises on how to maintain your garden plants: trees, grass, shrubs and flowers.

Great 100 Accessories for your garden

garden accessoriesGarden accessories are inseparable part of our landscape modeling and gardening life. Many articles claim to have a complete list of all these accessories and even advise on locations where they can be bought or rented. We prefer to only keep you informed about the usage details of these garden accessories and leave the choice of buying them to you.

Beautiful Garden Settings

  1. Trees - find the best offers in Canada and USA
  2. Grass - shady, sunny or humid
  3. Shrubs - for fruits or decoration
  4. Flowers - natural decoration for the garden
  5. Garden furniture - manufactures and do it yourself
  6. Outdoor activities - how to make your garden life more pleasant

Garden materials

Regardless of your skill level or the complexity of the chosen project, it's a good idea to have some basic knowledge about the characteristics of various types of gardens and which plants are most suitable for the chosen project

Garden photo contest

garden with beautiful bench Soon here will come the most beautiful garden of the month with special awards to the winners, and the winner will be selected from every user by a voting poll, and the users will send their pictures from their gardens or public parks.

Every account will have one vote and one picture to be sent, the sponsors will give awards to the winners and a lot of free items and gifts.

Nothing is more frustrating than gathering the necessary materials and embarking upon a project only to find that inaccurate cutting has made it impossible for the pieces to fit together properly, that's why we want to point your attention to all the necessary measurements in the following table

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