About Garden Couch

At Garden Couch we want to give you a free source for you better garden design. Please visit our free forum to see more information about garden plants: trees, schrubs, grass, vegetables and fruits, flowers; outdoor activities that will involve young and adult. Here you can find interesting games and activities interesting for everybody and every age. We want to keep our website free from influence from the big magazine and well paid advertisers, because we do not want to transform it to a market place.

We are always looking for new ideas and people who really like their gardens and want to improve them. Your opinions and photos are really well appreciated and will give a more personal identity of our this gardening web portal.

No matter how experienced the gardener is, each year there the garden offers discoveries and new challenges. One ofe the most convenient items in the garden can be the couch, where you can seat and relax with hours, expecially when the weather is sunny and dry. That's why we decided to call our website gardencouch - the most comfortable place for everyday garden use.

Garden Couch Partners and Sponsors

Your sponsorship of this free web portal is a strong statement about your support for the people that try to collect and present this useful information for our visitors, as well as help to keep it independant source of ideas and designs on the Web.