Free garden plan for non standard shaped lot

This free garden plan is based on a non-standard lot shape. It uses trapezium-shaped plan that we would like to show here. Even the lot is not square thatere are still a lot of opportunites that can be used to decorate the backyard and make the outdoor activities more popular and improve the free time that you spend in the open air.

The challanges with this design comes from the fact that it must be implemented in a place that does not have corners under 90 degrees angles, and the composition of the plan involves more curly shapes than in a regular plan.

free non-standard plan

Lot preparation before starting the construction

Preparing the ground before the real construction for this plan starts involves steps in improving the level and bias of the ground. Any slopes must be leveld and hollows must be filled with soil and planted with grass or flowers.

Construction of the shelter

We have also included a small shed in the top left corner of the plan, where you can keep gardening accessories and tools, and some summer flowers during the winter as well. The design of this shed (or cabanon) can be taken from any supplier or reseller and will be a subject of a different article here.

design real view