Garden couch design and site preparation

garden couchYou want to make a gardener's dream and get help to make it happen? No problem! I help you to do so. You want to cheer up a corner of your garden or your patio and decorate it with a beautiful and comfortable garden couch. Many people who want a cheap garden couch prefer to make their own couch rather than buy one. Today's materials help you build a cheap garden couch with a comfortable seat for your personal style.

First you will need a suitable place, with no elevation or obstructions on the ground, close to a path or patio in your garden or backyard. It would be great if this place is located to face south or at least to have 70% of sun light during the day so it will be a pleasant spot for relaxation or just sun bathing in your garden. The couch will be placed there temporarily and will be very difficult to move it from there because it will have a solid concrete base and will be built with rocks or bricks depending on your taste and materials availability.

After you have selected the site for building the garden couch, then you have to remove all the grass or plants from the grand because they might cause interruption or cracking in the concrete base of the couch. Also consider using of some chemicals in the ground so you can make sure that the grass will start to grow again under it. Once you prepare that make sure you follow the steps in our garden couch constructing plan and soon you will have beautiful and low cost garden couch.

Next article will explain in details how to prepare the couch plan and select from multiple designs that fit your needs.