Landscape design to suit your tastes and needs

Landscaping a garden is not just a decision to present the appearance of the plants that you install on your property, but also to provide open space suitable for relaxation, comfort and sports activities, and this, of course, taking into account several factors.

It is important not to consider landscaping as an end but as a means, an indispensable tool. The value of planning lies in the analysis of requirements in relation to site conditions. The results of the development of the plan expressed by the construction or establishment of the garden. It should certainly not copy in whole or in part the pretty garden of another property without having to make some changes, since the homes and care vary from one place to another. It is true that you can borrow from another garden an idea that fits with yours, but you must make the changes required by the space available. All pretty garden has qualities that appeal without imposing so obvious.

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This is designed by a modern mind may very well not be seen from the same eye by a traditionalist. Indeed, the tastes are assessing the landscape differently. Natural tendencies that influence the development of the garden are fundamental and must be fully understood if we are to succeed. This applies both to private property as vast tracts of parks.

Classic garden design or natural?

The landscaped garden can belong to the classical genre or natural kind, so that the nature of plants being installed should be seriously considered. Water can be used to serve as a link to various plantations or as a center of special interest. The garden is now considered a place of rest, comfort and relaxation. It is no longer confined to its traditional role was to enhance the beauty of buildings. The function of the garden also differs depending on the country traditions.

Thus, for example, Japan is a place of meditation. All its parts are arranged to form the traditional ensemble that served this purpose for several centuries.