Easy way to grow oak tree from acorn

oak treeThe acorns, like other hard-shelled seeds, take a long time to germinate, at least for them to undergo treatment stratification, that is to say, exposing them to freezing.

In the fall, pour or spread about 5 cm of compost or loam in an earthenware pot, place the acorns on this layer, cover with 5 cm of soil, place of acorns and other alternate way until the pot is full. Store the jar in a cool, moist, or in an unheated place (shed, garage).It is also possible to install the pot in a cold frame, then cover with a thick layer of mulch or even the push into the soil of a flowerbed, and cover with a thick layer also mulch. If we can not use these techniques, store the jar in a freezer. Stratification leads to the decomposition of the hard shell the seed without affecting seed it contains.

In the Spring, sow seeds, four weeks after the last hard frost. The method used is as follows: prepare a flowerbed in the fall, with a good digging, then add one cubic meter of peat moss ground for each square meter of bed. If it is a loamy soil (heavy), add one cubic meter of coarse sand (mortar sand) per 9 square meters of space.

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In the Spring, this site is scraped to the ground is loosened and crumbled.Sowing the seeds in furrows 3 to 5 cm deep.If the soil in the flower bed is dry, sprinkle a day before planting.Do not water after sowing, unless there is risk that the soil in the flower bed from drying out.When germination is complete, while the seeds of seed produced two true leaves, watering enough to ensure vigorous growth and regular.

To prevent damage by squirrels, cover or wrap the pot acorns left out in the fall, with a galvanized iron wire (1 cm squares) of the type used to protect the base of tree trunks and shrubs against rodents.